The HEDONISTERIE  joconde 3 hedonosterie gourmets-de-france copie.jpg

Is an event agency integrated to the MAGAZINE Gourmets de France " Creator of emotions since 2011 ".

Our teams work together for the production of private and professional events, cultural or sports events, as well as any other future event that remains to be invented !

Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of our work to make brands shine, whether it is for product launches, evening events, exclusive dinners, exhibitions or artistic collaborations... Our missions are not only to produce events but to create immersive experiences and to guarantee the amplification in social media. 

Professionals of the event industry, our vocation is to create links, proximity and to make live new experiences. An exceptional or unusual place, a unique experience ... are the ingredients of a hedonistic parenthesis for its public.  

Our raison d'être

At the genesis of our history, there is a real will to always promote the beautiful and the good.

These two arcs of the French gastronomic tradition are the pillars on which rests our desire to make you discover and share moments of delectation, intervals of happiness or to say it differently, hedonistic breaks.

The search for quality, the quest for the exceptional has always been the driving force behind the Gourmets de France brand. Printed on glossy paper, we strive to present you with gustatory nuggets, to tell you original stories, to introduce you to chefs, MOFs, men and women for whom daily life is full of beauty and goodness, of know-how.

The Hedonisterie by Gourmets de France

Picking up the day, enjoying the pleasures of life, living outside of time, retaining the ephemeral, tasting the effect of the sea and the earth, smelling, letting go, touching, seeing with open eyes as well as closed, that is to say dreaming, touching the unseen with the fingertips, getting a change of scenery, appreciating...

L'Hédonisterie For You

That's why L'Hédonisterie by Gourmets de France offers to design for your pleasure, and according to your needs, tailor-made events.

Whether you need to federate your teams in a way that is different from the usual incentives, whether you want to create links with your customers or to renew what already exists, L'Hédonisterie is there !