The seaside style knows how to turn hearts upside down: between the sand, the white, the ropes, and the light wood, let yourself be carried away by its relaxing chic atmosphere. Between fine sand and seaside strolls, with this style, Hédonisterie promises you a beautiful escapade... In our inspirations we will bring you all the accessories to integrate in your event to create a real atmosphere. We have at heart to touch the sensibility and create for each and everyone to feel good and live unforgettable moments.

It continues to evolve, the charm of the seaside style rhymes with the famous natural tones in unison. In our events new elements, textures and sunny colors come to complete this decoration in "farniente". Thus, linen, for a seaside style sometimes with a Mediterranean accent, saffron and gold shades of gray also come to decorate the variations for a "warm" interpretation that renews the genre.

The beach trend continues to give pride of place to lounge atmospheres. We still love the raw wood creations in luminous teepees that define a very original FREE spirit. The inevitable teepee is still part of the party, you can install a nomadic cognac bar, a dance floor, a lounge with sofas... all options are allowed.

Hedonisetrie will create a beautiful marriage between natural style so that you take pleasure in assuming this style because of its authentic values.