Chef Paolo Amadori

At the restaurant La Forge in Ramatuelle, Paolo Amadori crystallizes the best of Italy and tells us SA "Dolce Vita".

A graduate of the Alma cooking school near Parma, the chef studied with Gualtiero Marchesi, a great chef and founder of the new Italian cuisine, as well as with Lucien Pomili, a chef who was a "collector of raw materials" and passionate about hunting, mushrooms and the products of the Marche region.

After an international career in New York, Australia, London, Luxembourg and Monte Carlo, Paolo Amadori finally settled in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in 2012. In his French-style "trattoria", this purist of exceptional Italian products creates a transalpine cuisine of character that is both surprising and balanced... A mix of creativity and audacity with original and original flavors. Far from being jealous of each other, the local and the Italian are neighbors and tame each other... In an absolutely perfect symbiosis, Paolo Amadori integrates the "irreplaceable" ingredients of Dante's country with the priceless treasures of our beautiful land! And it must be said that the Chef is an expert on the good products of his country and is the proud ambassador in France of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma ham. Just a few steps away from his elite table, you will find Atelier La Forge, a fine grocery store, the "Kingdom" of Italian-style aperitifs. Parma and San Daniele ham, Parmesan and Taleggio, Piedmont, Tuscany and Sicily wines, not to mention the beautiful focaccias... everything is there, nothing is missing!