Chef** Nicolas Sale

International President of the Disciples Escoffier, Nicolas Sale sharpens his art all over the world

He has worked in prestigious establishments such as Georges V, Meurice, Castellet, Kilimandjaro and K2 or even the Ritz where he worked for 6 years. Being an Escoffier disciple goes far beyond cooking! Every day, the Chef applies himself to valorizing the terroir and the know-how, whatever it may be, and wants to be the guarantor of a gastronomic culture in perpetual evolution that he takes pleasure in transmitting and sharing. Being a free electron is essential... and this, in order to always keep a freedom and a fresh vision. Nicolas Sale is a chef who transmits emotions, a cook of the world who feeds his inspiration from his travels and encounters.

An international touch, a "globe-trotting" soul that has allowed him to become a master in the art of interpreting cosmopolitan scores with a taste of elsewhere. In the course of an atypical career, he has been able to gather stars as well as nomadic flavors. His openness to the world is combined with a perfectly honed technique. His cuisine is simple but daring...

And takes us far, far away!  Juggling between several universes, she delights all palates from the most refined to those in search of exoticism. Traditional but modern, powerful and sensitive, generous and simple, elegant and colorful... It seems to attract qualifiers as flattering as varied.