Chef** Jacques Chibois

Son of a miller, Jacques Chibois has been passionate about cooking from a very young age.

Watching with an attentive eye his mother working in the kitchen. A path that led him to Martel where Fernand Michel taught him the basics of the culinary art. Later, he undertook a tour of France where he was nourished with the milk of the best apprenticeships, such as with Jean Delaveyne, Roger Vergé or Louis Outhier...

But it was with Michel Guérard, the champion of new cuisine, that he perfected his skills and took the lead in a certain "art de vivre". In 1996, Jacques Chibois finally realized his dream when he discovered the Bastide Saint Antoine in the hills of Grasse. With its shaded terraces and thousand-year-old olive trees, the "beautiful lady" as he likes to call her, will from then on regain all her former splendor! And what a long way to go... After more than 25 years, the great Jacques continues to imagine and inspire a sunny cuisine that bewitches the finest palates. In these charming and serene surroundings, the most southern of Limousin chefs composes a happy symphony, singing of Provence through the seasons. Passionate and poetic, the chef dedicates a fine and lively cuisine, without artifice, full of sensitivity.